Motorvate's Latest Success!

Dan English, Ashbourne.

Huge congratulations to Dan English, Ashbourne, Co. Meath on passing his practical driving test on Sat 13th June at Finglas Driving Test Centre.

Dan contacted me a few weeks back to organise some pre test lessons, having already failed his test once before. Roughly a year prior. Before contacting me he had booked his test again, but was yet to receive his appointment from the RSA.

I had never met Dan before, for me he was a blank canvas.

On our first lesson he informed me that over the last few years he had taken several driving lessons with multiple ADI’s, but with no real road experience in between. After seeing him driving for the first time I explained that his biggest problem was inconsistency, rather than inability. We decided to put the driving test aside & concentrate on the bigger picture, learning to drive properly as Dan had a lot of bad habits. I told Dan that all the tuition in the World wasn’t going to help him unless he could get some real practice in between each of our lessons, which was difficult for him as he was sharing a car with his mam.

At times throughout the lessons Dan was getting frustrated with himself as he wasn’t getting to grips with gearing down timely enough or his reaction to his surroundings. I decided to stay local (Ashbourne/Ratoath area) on one of our lessons & we just did roundabout after roundabout in order to maximize our opportunity to gear down. At the end of that lesson Dan was like a new man. He was starting to understand now, had a new found confidence in himself & was now beginning to believe that he could actually have a real chance of passing his test this time around.

I must admit, it might not sound like much fun, but we actually had a great laugh along the way. Dan & I share the same (Some might say, slightly dark) sense of humour & I honestly think that’s how I was able to get through to him & was able to make some real progress.

I was delighted on the morning of the test when Dan strutted out of his house with his sun glasses on, baring in mind that it was only 7:45am & the sun was nowhere to be seen. He wasn’t in the slightest bit phased & I think I was more nervous than he was.

The driving part of the test only lasted about 30 mins. During this time Dan did however make a few errors, but nothing serious. The tester gave him great feedback (Both positive & negative) & then handed him his Cert. of Competency, as seen modeled above by himself.

You put a lot of work in Mr. English.

I’m delighted to say, YOU DID IT!

I can honestly say that it was my pleasure to teach you Dan & I’m very proud to add to my list of successful test candidates.

Thank you for choosing Motorvate Driving School.