Navan Driving Lessons

Are you an absolute beginner? Do you want to learn how to drive in Navan or surrounding areas? Well look no further! Here at Motorvate Driving School our aim is to take you from beginner, right up to driving test standard, and onwards. We understand that you may be nervous and we will do everything in our power to put you at ease. To book your driving lesson, Call Keith on 085 737 0951.

Learning to Drive in Navan

Our first lesson will consist of a 30 minute cockpit drill, before we even drive anywhere. This demonstrates both primary and secondary controls & will enable you to familiarise yourself with the car, which in turn will make you feel more relaxed. From the cockpit drill, we will move on to stopping & starting, and when you’ve mastered that, we will introduce something else. This will continue right up until the day that you pass your driving test at the Navan Driving Test Centre!

We work with students from Navan, and all over Co. Meath. We spend a lot of time getting you acquainted with the roads in Navan, both the outskirts and through the town too. This will allow you to build experience and confidence in both Urban and Rural driving environments.

When you learn to drive in Navan, with Motorvate Driving School, you’ll be able to drive competently and confidently around the town and beyond. You’ll be familiar with the streets and layout of Navan Town and you’ll be confident that you can handle any aspect of the Navan Driving Test Route.


P.S. Be warned these lessons are goin’ to be so enjoyable that’ll you’ll be left counting the days until your next appointment. . . 

N.B. All students are picked up before and dropped home after all lessons.


Learn to Drive in Navan

After 6 failed attempts, I finally passed on the 7th attempt – thanks to Keith. I used two different schools before & both told me completely different things. If you’re thinking of getting driving lessons or pre-tests, look no further – this is the man you need ! The best investment you could ever make. Dont waste your money with others.

Liz Fitz

Navan, Co. Meath

My son, who only has 20% hearing from birth, passed his driving test today – On his first attempt I might add. We will definately be spreading the word about Motorvate Driving SchoolKeith, we can’t thank you enough for all your help, God bless.


Curragha, Co. Meath

Thanks so much for all your help Keith, couldn’t have passed without you.

Niamh R.

Navan, Co. Meath

Learn to Drive in Navan

Preparing for your driving test in Navan?

So you have a driving test coming up shortly in Navan & you don’t know what to expect?

Don’t worry, we at Motorvate Driving School can help you to prepare for that big day. We offer Navan-specific Pre-test and Mock tests, for students who are about to take their Driving Test at the Navan Driving Test Centre. If you’re not living close to the Navan Test Centre, we can pick up and begin your lessons from your home. All of our lessons will take place on the roads around Navan Town and its outskirts – the same roads used on the Navan Driving Test Route!

Our first pre-test lesson will consist of an initial inspection of your car, just to see that it’s test worthy.  (Assuming you have your own but if not you can hire ours).

We will then check that your learner permit, road tax, insurance & NCT are all in date. Then we will double-check your test appointment, just to be sure.

When all this is complete, we will demonstrate the under the bonnet checks , secondary controls & explain in full what is expected from you as a driving test candidate.

For the remainder of the lesson we will let you drive in your own manner, and point out your faults as they occur – assuming it’s safe to do so.

Full written feedback is given at the end of every pre-test lesson.

When we feel you’re ready, and assuming you’ve given yourself enough time to prepare, we can begin doing mock driving tests to give you some indication as to how you will perform on the day.

Driving Test in Navan?