Meath & Dublin ADI Training - Become a Driving Instructor

Are you tired of your current job? Do you wish to break the monotony that is the 9 to 5 commute? Are you self-motivated ? Would you like to be your own Boss? Starting a career in the driving instruction industry could be just what the doctor ordered!

So what is in A.D.I. you ask?

A.D.I. = Approved Driving Instructor This is the now the legal standard you need to meet with the R.S.A. in order to teach for reward or gain.  

Benefits of being an A.D.I.

– The opportunity to become your own boss – Extremely flexible working hours – Meeting new people on a daily basis – Facing completely different challenges everyday – Having the knowledge that you have helped someone to achieve their goals – Passing on a priceless life skill to each & everyone of your customers

Thinking of becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI)?

Motorvate Driving School can take you through the stages of the ADI Examinations, as well as provide you help and advice as you plan your new business.

What do the R.S.A. A.D.I. exams consist of ?

Stage 1: Theory Test (Much like the theory test for learner permit applicants with a few additional questions)

Stage 2: Practical Driving Test (Much like the full licence driving test only with the added parallel park,right reverse & an emergency stop,roughly 70 mins from start to finish)

Stage 3: Instructional Ability Test (Assessed in 2 separate 30min scenarios to see how you would deal with 2 students at completely different stages of learning)


How can we at Motorvate help you to pass your ADI exams?

It’s simple really. . . . .

1. We make you aware of all the reading materials you need to pass all 3 stages.

N.B. Stage 1 is a theory test, therefore you study for this on your own time.

2. We conduct one to one lessons in order to help you prepare for Stage 2. (Assuming you’ve passed Stage 1)

3. We conduct one to one lessons in order to help you prepare for Stage 3. (Assuming you’ve passed Stage 2)

N.B. We at Motorvate are not like other “BIGGER” driving schools. We don’t ask for a crazy lump sum payment for a one week intensive course

All our ADI lessons are one to one, last 1 hour and are charged at just €65. How many you take in preparation is completely up to you

It’s important to note that before you begin the A.D.I. exam process that you first meet all of the R.S.A.’s criteria.

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