COVID-19 Safety Measures.

Here at Motorvate we want our students to be comfortable in the knowledge that every precaution will be taken to keep them & their loved ones safe during these strange times.


1. All initial meet & greets will be conducted outside of the car. Lesson briefing/debriefing will be also conducted outside of the car (Weather permitting)

2. Face coverings will be used by ADI & student, which is now a legal requirement.

3. Alcohol hand gel will be provided to student before they step inside the car.

4. All windows will be left slightly open to allow for fresh air circulation. Wind deflectors will also be used so that windows can remain open 2-3 inches, without the student getting a draft, or wet on a rainy day.

5. EDT Logbooks or hand written notes will no longer be exchanged. All paperwork will now be conducted via email.

6. All ‘Touch Points’ will be sanitised between lessons. We will also allow a larger gap between students so that the car can be properly ventilated before our next appointment.

7. The school car will be wiped down, sanitised & properly ventilated every evening. Just to be sure.

8. We would also ask that students who bring personal belongings ie, phones, keys, sunglasses etc. to keep them in their pockets/handbags to prevent contamination.

9. It’s understandable that people might get a little claustrophobic in a confined space while wearing a mask/face covering. If you feel like you need to step away from the vehicle at any point. Just ask!

10. Most importantly! We ask that if you are showing any COVID symptoms that you ring ahead to postpone your lesson/lessons.

Thank you for your continued co-operation & patience. We look forward to seeing you in the near future.