To Date, Jan 2016 has been by far our busiest January since Motorvate Driving School was established in Sep 2008.

In all we have 11 students presenting for test this month & it’s been no easy task fitting them all in for pre test lessons, while still trying to continue scheduling my current EDT (Essential Driver Training) students.

To make matters worse, it’s been pretty icy in the mornings which has resulted in a couple of tests being re-scheduled.

All is not lost & so far we’ve managed to get 8 students through their driving test without a hitch, 1 student is still waiting on a new appointment & we’ve 2 students still awaiting to sit theirs over the next week few days.

So, Without further ado. . . . Massive congrats to. . . . .


Andrew O’Brien, Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Passed, 12/01/16 in Finglas having only started his EDT’s in July 2015. Unbelievable achievement! Andy has the added privilege of being Motorvate’s first success of 2016.


Another Motorvate Success

TJ McManus, Navan, Co. Meath.

TJ Mc Manus, Navan, Co.Meath. Passed 12/01/16 in Navan using our school car. TJ completed 7 hours tuition over the last 2 years & sailed through, despite his nerves on the day. Sadly TJ missed out on being our first success of 2016 by only a few hours, but he didn’t seem to mind too much. He had his full driving licence & that’s all that mattered.


Darren Keane, Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Passed 19/01/16 in Navan having only started tuition with us in late Oct 2015. Both myself & Darren agreed that it was quite an intense few months training, but together we produced another success story. Great result Darren!



Another Motorvate Success

Darina Burnell, Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

Darina Burnell, Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Passed 20/01/16 in Navan.

Massive congrats Darina. I know how much this meant to you & I’m honestly humbled that you chose me to see your journey through.

You deserve every bit of your recent success. Job well done!


Another Motorvate Success

Leanne O’Brien, Finglas.

Leanne O’Brien from Finglas West. Passed 22/01/16 at Finglas Driving Test Centre.

Despite Leanne’s test being postponed earlier in the week due to adverse weather conditions. She still managed to keep her composure & only incur 2 minor faults.

Great result for a great driver!

Well done Leanne & thank you for choosing Motorvate Driving School.



Stephen Carton from Ashbourne. Passed 25/01/16 in Finglas, having only started his Essential Driver Training in Sep ’15 & we only finished up just before Xmas. Stephen completed his 12 hours & unknown to myself booked his test. He didn’t even take any pre test lessons (Which is virtually unheard of) & passed with flying colours. Fantastic result!

Well done Stephen. You’ve done yourself, your parents & your ADI very proud.



Lisa Ryan, Swords.

Lisa Ryan, Swords.

Lisa Ryan from Swords, Co. Dublin. Passed 25/01/16 in Finglas, having had 2 previous appointments re-scheduled due to icy conditions. Lisa opted for an afternoon appointment this time & sailed through. We only managed to get 2 pre test lessons in the run up to her exam, but it was more than enough for the Lisa to get the result she wanted.

Well done Lisa & thank you for choosing Motorvate Driving School.



Kellie Murry from Ashbourne. Passed 26/01/16 in Navan. When I first met Kellie she had a lot of bad habits, but mostly due to bad prior tuition. She didn’t know any different. Kellie’s great result was a combination of myself & my colleague Dermot Flynn taking her out whenever either of us were free. Kellie, myself & Dermot put in Trojan work to get her up to test standard & it paid off, Big time! Well done Kellie. You deserve every bit of your recent success.

Congrats again, Keith & Dermot.