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What does EDT mean? Who's an ADI? Why do I need a Sponsor?... Learning to drive can be complicated - and that's even before you ever get to sit into a car! In order to help you to get your head around learning to drive in Ireland, I've put together a page of resources that show you the rules and regulations, as well as what's expected of you as a learner driver. Once you've viewed them all, I'd love you to consider hiring me as your ADI!

What is Essential Driver Training?

In this video, the Essential Driver Training programme, known as EDT, is covered in more detail. The ultimate aim of EDT is to keep young drivers safe on Irish roads by working with them to become competent, confident and skilled drivers. The video will outline the different components of EDT, including the role of the ADI and how to find one, as well as how to choose a Sponsor, the person chosen by you to support you as you learn to drive. The video also shows what happens in your first EDT lesson as well as the preparation required beforehand. It will outline the purpose of the logbook and how it is used, what each of the 12 lessons will cover and how the learner driver uses self analysis to identify what needs to be practised with their Sponsor between lessons.


Your Roles & Responsibilities as a Learner Driver

This video will outline the roles and responsibilities of the learner driver as you learn to drive. Learning to drive is not just about doing a test — it is about learning the skills and behaviour required to be a lifelong safe road-user. This video will show you how to ensure you get the most out of the learning to drive process, by working together with your ADI and Sponsor to develop safe and competent driving skills. It will also give you helpful tips on how to choose your ADI and Sponsor as well as clearly outlining the roles of each person supporting you as you learn to drive.



The Roles & Responsibilities of the Sponsor

This video is aimed at the Sponsor, the person chosen by the learner driver to support them as they learn to drive. Helping a family member or friend to learn to drive is an important commitment and should not be taken lightly. This video will outline the role and responsibilities of the Sponsor in the ‘learning to drive’ process, including the requirements of that person in terms of time and commitment. It will also give you tips on how to use the learner driver’s Logbook to complement the work of the ADI during your practice sessions with them.


 The Roles & Responsibilities of the ADI

The third video in this series is aimed at the Approved Driving Instructor, known as an ADI. As a driving instructor, you are the person that a learner driver looks to for expert tuition and guidance as they learn to drive. Therefore, you are critical to the development of lifelong safe road use and socially responsible behaviour and to the future of road safety here in Ireland and even abroad. This video will outline the key skills and personal qualities that are required of an ADI to help a learner driver as they learn to drive, developing the lesson plan with your learner driver and their Sponsor, giving constructive and appropriate feedback, as well as the importance of maintaining accurate and up to date records and using the EDT Portal.


Getting Ready For Your Driving Test

This video is aimed at learner drivers and outlines the steps involved in getting ready for your driving test. It covers studying for and passing your driver theory test, getting your learner permit, Essential Driver Training (EDT) and ultimately, booking your driving test. The video also outlines the many resources that are available to help learner drivers as they learn to drive as well as the requirements they must adhere to, for example, displaying L plates on their car and having valid NCT, tax and insurance.

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