Deirdre Lennon

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The “Selfies” just keep rolling in!

Massive congratulations to Deirdre Lennon from Ratoath, Co. Meath on passing her Practical Driving Test this afternoon in Navan.

I first met Deirdre back in Aug 2014. She had taken driving lessons in the past, but didn’t have too much actual driving experience. Being a parent & working full time was preventing her from getting the real practice that she needed to excel.

I could see from a very early stage that Deirdre had the ability to drive, but simply lacked the confidence.

Deirdre had a driving test scheduled before she had even contacted me, but we both agreed to postpone it & to give it a real go when she had a little more confidence in her own ability as a driver.

We kept up the lessons weekly for a about a month, until Deirdre decided to tell me that she was going to be married in the coming weeks.

I knew that Deirdre had more important things on her mind, so I gave her some very solid pointers & left her to practice, in between the madness!

It was early Nov 2014 before our paths crossed again, Deirdre had come on leaps & bounds & she was now ready to consider scheduling her test again.

Our lessons right up until this afternoon were pretty consistent & I was so proud yesterday afternoon telling Deirdre that as her instructor there was literally nothing more that I could do for her.

She was ready!

Today we went for a quick run around Navan an hour before her appointment, mistakes were made, Deirdre got them out of her system, remained focused & sailed through the actual driving test, on her first attempt too.

I’ve been assured that this is a family record, by a country mile.

You’ve done yourself very proud Dee.

Take a bow!

Thank you for choosing Motorvate Driving School.