I often get asked by my students, friends & family how to drive in icy/snowy conditions. To be honest, there is no one answer. There are, however some steps you can take to keep you safer if you must drive. One of the most important factors in keeping you safe would be your vehicles tyres condition. They should have at least 1.6mm of thread on 2/3rd’s of your tyres surface. It is advised that you should change them at 3mm’s though. Having the correct tyre pressure will help also. That will vary depending on manufacturers specs, you can usually view these on the inside of the driver/passenger doors.

Below is a video designed to help you understand & to better prepare for driving during adverse weather conditions.

It is very important to note that watching this video doesn’t guarantee your safety & we as road users all have our own responsibilities to keep ourselves & everyone else around us safe.

Please thread very carefully over the next few days.

Be careful out there & keep Meath/Dublin roads safe all year round.

Hope this helps.