Are you a first time driver? Would you like to have your very own policy? Are you worried about the price of your first insurance premium? We at Motorvate Driving School can help you on your way...


Insurance Discount for First Time Drivers

How you ask? 

Simple really! By completing 10, or more lessons with Motorvate Driving School.

On completion you will be issued with a First Ireland Risk Management, DRIVE First Certificate.

This certificate will entitle you to a 20% discount on your own insurance policy (This is the equivalent of starting with a 1 year No Claims Bonus).

First Ireland Risk Management are a broker.

All you need do is call them & it’s their job to find you the cheapest quote.

Not only are you getting the cheapest possible price, but you’re also getting the additional 20% discount.

Multiple savings for just one phone call!

To get started on your Drive First Certification, Call Keith on 085 737 0951